We believe in doing good and walking the talk. Thats why we co-founded Indigenous Design Labs (@IndigeDesignLabs) to ensure that our young people have opportunities in the creative and digital design industries.

@IndigeDesignLab is a partnership between NorthSite and Aboriginal design agency ingeous studios led by Aboriginal graphic designer and digital creative Leigh Harris and assisted by Jamaylya Ballangarry-Kearins. The primary aim of @IndigeDesignLabs to grow the skills, experience of young Indigenous creatives in the design and technology industries of today through real world opportunities building and experiences.

Team @IndigeDesignLabs provides industry experiences expertises for participants in graphic design, photography, video production and digital production (UI/UX) and experimental technologies. @IndigeDesignLabs we seek to developing immersive storytelling in natural and man-made environments through the confluence of art, design, technology and culture. 

" It's great being a part of IndigeDesignLabs it's building my skills and giving me real-world opportunities I never had before "

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