Giving back is important to us and for the past five years we have provided pro-bono creative services to one of our great local organisations.

Indigenous Health Website Design

For more than four decades, Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan has been dedicated to serving women and children in the Far North, establishing itself as one of Australia’s most prominent Indigenous health brands. Throughout our collaboration, it became apparent that they required comprehensive support beyond photography. Consequently, we have expanded our services to encompass all aspects of their visual identity, from brand design and print materials to digital collateral and website development. By handling every facet of their creative needs, we empower Mookai Rosie to focus on their core mission.


We collaborate closely with their team to craft additional collateral assets and ensure seamless access to our creative resources through their Canva account.

First Nations Creative Graphic Design
First Nations brand design for Mookai Rosie

Staying connected

Ensuring that Mookai stayed connected to the communities they services was an important fact of designing and developing their brand and collateral while not overloading it was important. Key to any visual identity is that it is made with meaning and created to connect as is the visuals that consistently display the work of Mookai.



Indigenous Health Collateral Design for Mookai Rosie
Indigenous Health Collateral Design for Mookai Rosie

Feeling great. 

With any brand, looking great is key to the success… .  
Indigenous Health apparel design for Mookai Rosie
Indigenous Health apparel design for Mookai Rosie

“We are blessed to have ingeous studios, they have made our job simpler by by making us look and feel great, so that we can get on with the work we do.”