Indigenous brand ideation and design

One of our long term Indigenous clients, Kennelly Constructions came to us to assist them with the creation of a new Indigenous brand and digital platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses throughout Australia.

Indigenous Technology Brand

The crew from Kennelly Constructions just gave us a name  to work with. Gidyea (a native Australian tree used to make shield, boomerangs and clapsticks). The first thing we had to do is pull the brand name apart and give it a defining element and meaning. It was clear to us when we looked at the name that the fitting pull out of the brand name was the word IDEA, because it related back to what the brand and platform is going to provide.

We the introduced a colour palette that was vibrant and unique in the Indigenous business space and also fitted into the broader Corporate and digital innovation ecosystems. The simple stylised brand element was developed as a stylised star with the rings around the representing growth of Indigenous business through the platform.


We continued the process of the designing the UI/UX of the online platform which showcased the brand we developed and the platform itself. Finally we build a prototype platform with a mobile first approach, which could be shown to the client and investors. Overall our client and it’s investors in the platform were very excited about what we delivered and the the unique approach to how we developed the brand and prototypes.