APA Group Reconciliation Action Plan Design

In 2023, we had the privilege to work with APA Group to craft the design for their inaugural REFLECT Reconciliation Action Plan and associated collateral. 

Our process

In any of our creative design processes its important to gain a thorough understanding of our clients and their business. APA Group was no different! As a leading energy infrastructure business with a priority purpose in strengthen communities through responsible energy it was invaluable to gain access to people from APA Group to discuss what APA is and does.

A significant part of our design process was to ensure that the APA Reconciliation design and Acknowledgement icon did not overpower the simplistic word-mark of APA Group’s brand. So staying within brand was an important part of the process.

Operating across a diverse array of First Nations Country, our design considerations prioritised the visual representation of the rich diversity within these Cultures and communities. At the heart of our Reconciliation Action Plan design was the integration of a visual explainer, a dynamic representation of the fundamental principles that guide APA Group’s reconciliation efforts.

Throughout its operations, APA Group has consistently demonstrated its dedication to advancing reconciliation, creating opportunities, and fostering prosperity. The visual explainer, a pivotal component in our design, was meticulously crafted to articulate and illustrate these core principles, ensuring a clear and impactful portrayal of APA Group’s unwavering commitment to reconciliation

Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan design for APA
Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan acknowledgement brand design for APA
Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan design for APA

As company deeply committed to environmental responsibility and the respectful engagement with First Nations Peoples and Cultures nation, the design is an intimate creative narrative of APA Groups ongoing commitment and respect for First Nations Peoples and Cultures across Australia, encapsulating their ongoing journey towards reconciliation.